UV Lamp 9 Watt Bulbs 4-ct.

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CND UV Lamp Replacement 9 Watt Bulbs 4-pk. UV bulbs are designed for use in a specific lamp. While they might appear to be the same as bulbs used in other models, they may not work in models other than the specific lamp for which they were designed. For use with CND UV Lamp (768815)

CND SHELLAC was designed to be used as a system. Featuring a Base Coat, Color Coat, and Top Coat – together with the exclusive CND SHELLAC Lamp – CND delivers on its promise of two week wear, when used as a complete nail system.

CND SHELLAC Color Coat applies in two coats for rich, lush color that lasts two weeks.
• On Like Polish
• Wears Like Gel
• Off in Minutes
• No Nail Damage When Used As Directed

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Manufacturer CND Shellac
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