Tangerine Oil 10 ml

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Essential Oils are 100% pure, natural, paraben-free and therapeutic grade. Guaranteed highest quality, all oils manufactured according to GMP and ISO9002 standards. Free of pesticides, fillers, bases, contaminants and artificial ingredients. No animal testing.

Oils are steam distilled. Do not ingest essential oils and do not apply to skin unless they have been diluted with a carrier oil such as grape seed, jojoba, etc. .

Pure Essential Oil Works Tangerine Oil has become one of the more popular oils due to its cheerful, inspiring and revitalizing virtues. Cold-pressed from fresh fruit peel.

Aroma: sweet and tangy orange. 

For suggested essential oil recipes, click on the Additional Information tab below.

Scent Categories:
• Floral: Lavender
• Earthy/Oriental: Patchouli
• Herbaceous: Rosemary
• Minty: Peppermint
• Medicinal: Eucalyptus, Tea Tree
• Spicy: Clove
• Citrus: Orange, Lemon, Lemongrass, Grapefruit, Tangerine

Blending Categories:
• Floral blends with Spicy and Citrus
• Herbaceous blends with minty
• Minty blends with earthy, herbaceous and citrus
• Spicy blends with floral, oriental and citrus
• Oriental blends with floral, spicy and citrus
• Citrus blends with floral, minty, spicy and oriental

Suggested Oil Blending Amounts:
The 30 - 50 - 20 Rule suggests using 30% of Top Note, 50% of Middle note, and 20% base note. It is also suggested to let blends rest for 24-48 hours. This allows the essential oils to properly mix together.

Suggested Recipes:

1. Zesty Sweetness:
3 drops Lemongrass Oil
2 drops Tangerine Oil
5 drops Orange Oil
2. Sunshine:
5 drops Orange Oil
3 drops Tangerine Oil
2 drops Grapefruit Oil
1 drops Lemon Oil

3. Autumn Blend:
5 drops Orange Oil
3 drops Tangerine Oil
2 drops Clove Oil
3 drops Patchouli Oil

4. Calm and Tranquil:
4 drops Lemongrass Oil
2 drops Tangerine Oil
1 drop Tea Tree Oil

5. The Mood Lifter:
2 drops Tangerine Oil
2 drops Lemongrass Oil
2 drops Eucalyptus Oil
2 drops Tea Tree Oil

6. Summer Joy:
5 drops Eucalyptus Oil
4 drops Sweet Orange Oil
3 drops Tangerine Oil

7. Citrus Delight:
6 drops Lemon Oil
3 drops Orange Oil
1 drop Tangerine Oil

8. Spiced Tea:
4 drops Tangerine Oil
3 drops Clove Oil
2 drops Lemon Oil
2 drops Orange Oil
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