Surgical Ear Loop Mask 3-ply 50-ct.

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ForPro Surgical Ear Loop Mask offers maximum comfort, protection and ease of use.
• Medical quality with a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of greater than 99%
• 3-ply construction with soft, fluid-resistant non-woven outer layers and highly absorbent inner layer
• Very low resistance to breathing due to pleats and non-woven fabric
• Strong ear loops secure mask without irritating skin
• Perfect fitting. Flexible nose bar enclosed by non-woven material ensures perfect seal and fit for all individuals
• Fiberglass and latex free
• Hypoallergenic
• 7" X 3.75"

ForPro Surgical Ear Loop Mask is popular with:
• Nail Salons
• Hair Salons
• Cleaning Situations

Q: Are these masks hypoallergenic? 
A: Yes, the ForPro Surgical Ear Loop Masks are hypoallergenic. 

Q: When wearing this mask, is it difficult to breathe?
A: No, it is not difficult to breathe. These masks have a low resistance to breathing due to the material that is used to produce them, as well as the pleading           that was incoroporated. 

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