Konjac Sponge Works Pure White Facial Sponge

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Konjac Sponge Works Pure White Facial Sponge is made from 100% natural vegetable fiber from the Konjac potato root.

Features an exceptional soft texture making it gentle and safe for all skin types. Luxurious, natural fibers gently exfoliates skin, bringing in natural shine while washing away dirt and impurities. The Konjac Sponge also contains minerals and natural antioxidants to help nourish skin. For all skin types and is safe for babies and adults.

100% natural.
• Handmade assuring you the finest quality and workmanship.
• No harmful chemicals, preservative agents, bactericide or fungicide.
• Sponges have a built-in string to conveniently hang dry.
• With proper care the sponge will last 6-12 weeks.

What is Konjac?

Konjac is a natural vegetable fiber harvested from Konjac roots with extra fine texture. Its purity makes it superior to other materials such as loofa, nylon and cellulose:
• No preservatives, color, or chemicals
• Balances pH of skin while naturally moisturizing
• Cleanses skin pores to help eliminate dirt, oil and blackheads
• Biodegradable and naturally sustainable
• Gently exfoliates and stimulates blood circulation

Use daily as needed. Soak with warm water for a couple minutes to soften and use with your favorite soap or toner. After use, gently squeeze the sponge dry and hang on faucet neck using the string to allow drying. Can be sterilized in microwave oven on high for 30 seconds. With proper care, your Konjac Sponge will last up to 6-12 weeks. Can also be used in bath or shower.

100% Konjac Glucomannan. No coloring, no additives, no fragrance added. Biodegradable and environmentally safe. Not tested on animals.

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