Premium Organic Large Cotton Balls 100 ct

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ForPro Premium Organic Large Cotton Balls are certified organic and made from the finest luxurious cotton. These are perfect for makeup remover, polish remover, toners, baby care and other products to clean and soothe skin. Lint-free and soft. Bleached with hydrogen peroxide to remove impurities.

Cotton Lovers Rejoice!

When it comes to beauty, we really love cotton. Why else would there be so many cotton items in so many shapes, sizes and configurations? The answer is that there are many ways to manufacturer cotton to produce different textures and results.

Compare ForPro cotton products to any other brand. Besides being up to 50% better value, you will find our innovation and quality unmatched. 


ForPro Cotton Color-Coded Organization

Application. Cotton products made to absorb less product so more product goes onto the skin. These products are typically gauze textured. Use these products when you want to apply product anywhere on the body. 

Multipurpose. Cotton products made to absorb normal amount of product so can be used for all skin types and products. These products are typically 100% cotton textured. Use these products for application and removal of product. These are our most popular cotton products. 

Exfoliation. Cotton products made to withstand removal of product and to exfoliate skin during facials. Since these products can be both 100% cotton textured and gauze textured, absorption of product differs. Use these products to remove nail polish, makeup and deep cleanse skin.

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