Multi-Cide Hospital Grade Sanitizer & Disinfectant 64 oz.

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ForPro Multi-Cide Hospital Grade Sanitizer & Disinfectant is the ONLY disinfectant, bactericidal, fungicide and virucidal cleaner you need. EPA registered and effective against athlete’s foot fungus, Aspergillus niger, Hepatitis B & C, HIV-1 and other virucidals. Up to 4X more powerful than other brands. Dillution 1 oz. per gallon.

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This product needs to be housed in plastic bottles, not aluminum or metal of any kind. This product is corrosive to metals, and although it can be used to clean metal surfaces, you must dilute the formula beforehand.

This product needs to be housed in plastic bottles, not aluminum or metal of any kind.

MULTI-CIDE Hospital Grade Sanitizer & Disinfectant Cleaning & Disinfection Procedures
EPS recommended cleaning and disinfection procedures for foot spa basins in salons. Following is information for salon owners, operators, and workers about disinfecting pedicure foot spa equipment.

1. Check the condition of the client’s feet and legs: If open sores or ski wounds are present (including insect bites, scratches, scabbed-over wounds, or any condition that weakens the skin barrier), explain to the client why they should not sue the foot bath.
2. Complete pedicure or wax after the foot bath soak: Any procedure that risks damage to a client’s skin should not be done before soaking feet in the foot spa basin.
After each client: (this can take place any time after the client’s feet are out of the footbath, while feet are massaged, toes are painted, or other opportunities)
1. Drain the water from the foot spa basin or bowl and remove any visible debris
2. Clean the surface of the foot spa with soap or detergent, rinse with clean water; and drain.
3. After cleaning, disinfect’ the surface with MULTI-CIDE according to directions on the label. Surfaces must remain wet with the disinfectant for 10 minutes.
· For whirlpool foot spas, air-jet basins, “pipe-less” foot spas, and other circulating spas: it is best to disinfect by filling the basin with clean water, adding the appropriate amount of liquid disinfectant, and turning the unit on to circulate the disinfectant for the entire contact time.
4. After disinfectant, drain and rinse with clean water.

For whirlpool foot spas, air-jet basins, “pipe-less” foot spas, and other circulating spas:
1. Remove the filter screen, inlet jets, and all other removable parts from the basin and clean out any debris trapped behind or in them.
2. Using a brush, scrub these parts with soap or disinfectant (following the cleaning directions).
3. Rinse the removed parts with clean water and place them back into the basin apparatus.
4. Fill the basin with clean water and add MULTI-CIDE, following label directions. Turn the unit on and circulate the system with MULTI-CIDE for 10 minutes. (The whirlpool mechanism of the tub must be operating for the entire disinfection period so the piping and internal components that contain hidden bacteria are disinfected.)
5. After disinfection, drain, rinse, and air dry.

1. Drain the basin and remove any visible debris.
2. Scrub the bowl with a clean brush and soap or disinfectant (following cleaning directions). Rince and drain.
3. Disinfect basin surfaces with MULTI-CIDE, following instructions on the label. Surfaces must remain wet with MULTI-CIDE for 10 minutes.
4. Drain the basin, rinse with clean water, and let air-dry.

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