Too Naked Azulene Strip-Free Wax 28.8 oz.

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Too Naked Azulene Strip-Free Wax is the most perfect all-around wax for experienced technicians. Medium-transparent, Azulene melts into a smooth consistency and ready to remove in 4-5 seconds. Good for all hair lengths and textures. Recommended for sensitive and intimate areas, face, and underarms. Unisex for both men and women. Made in Italy.

About Too Naked Strip-Free Wax

Unlike traditional depilatory wax that heats at 140°F, Too Naked Strip-Free Wax has a working temperature of 108°F. Since it is so close to normal body temperature it never burns the skin. Other features include:
• Since it does not solidify on contact, the pores open and allows the hair to be removed together with root easily and pain-free.
• Sticks to hair only and not to the skin. This allows the technician to apply strip-free wax to same area if all hair was not removed the first application without damaging the skin.
• Due to its thinness at application removes all the hairs in curved zones.
• Never breaks during the removal process
• Economical since you only use the amount of beads that each client requires and uses less wax per application than traditional wax

Basic errors while using Too Naked Strip-Free wax
ISSUE: Wax stretches like caramel and it’s difficult to remove it.
ERROR: Not enough time to allow the wax to harden.
SOLUTION: Put some talc powder on the wax, wait 2-3 seconds and remove.
ISSUE: After wax removal some hairs remain.
ERROR: The wax was applied improperly and did not reach the hair.
SOLUTION: Use wax spatula to press wax into hair.
ISSUE: The wax does not harden.
ERROR: Wax was applied too thick (like traditional depilatory wax).
SOLUTION: Apply in thinner layer.
ISSUE: Wax remains on the skin after removal.
ERROR: Uneven application of wax.
SOLUTION: Apply an even layer of wax in the middle of the area and spread evenly towards the edges.

Colophonium, Glyceryl Rosinate, Ethylene/VA Copolymer, Paraffin, Beeswax, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, C.I. 61565, Guaiazulene
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