Amber A-Cups Starter Kit

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Amber A-cups System by ForPro offers the ultimate solution for all depilatory waxing needs and wants. Each A-cup is portion-controlled for hygiene, sterilization and waste
prevention. No more messy warmers, warmer collars or wax clean up. A-cups fit into the Amber A-cup warmer. Warmer features single heat thermostat for quick heating. Allow A-cup to warm wax to proper consistency then use as needed. If desired, any left over wax can be reheated and used again. A-cups come in both hard and soft wax formulas. Amber A-cups System by ForPro is available exclusively through THE INDUSTRY SOURCE.

A-Cups Starter Kit includes:
• Single Cup Warmer
• One each of the following A-cups Wax 1 oz. each FREE! (A $6.30 value!)
    • Classic
    • Cream
    • Silk Soft
    • Silk Hard
    • Austrian Green
    • Pure Brazilian

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