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Santica CelluScience Anti-Cellulite Capsules 90ct.

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This clinically proven combination of grape seed extract, gingko biloba, butchers’ broom, olive, rosemary and Vitamin E has been proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite, as well as lower the circumference of thighs, hips, abdomen and buttocks. 94% of women reported results in just 47 days after taking three tablets daily. This formula is ideal for those with stubborn cellulite that will not disappear with exercise or dieting.

Five double-blind, placebo-controlled published clinical trials prove this formula can:

  • Help reduce cellulite
  • Help maintain strong micro-circulation
  • Help promote healthy cell metabolism
  • Enrich the body with anti-oxidant effects on the inside


9 out of 10 women get cellulite when connective fibers shrink, pulling skin inward as fat cells push outward, causing embarassing cottage cheese dimples.

So experts at Santica Research Labs in Italy created CelluScience with patented Vascolarys Complex to help:

  • Promote healthy cell metabolism
  • Deliver potent anti-oxidants
  • Maintain micro-circulation inside
  • For smooth, sexy skin outside

CelluScience is in easy pill form with no messy creams or painful treatments. After taking 3 CelluScience gel-caps nearly 69% of women who participated in the clinical studies reported seeing results within 30 days and 94% in only 47 days.

Before & After Celluscience
 Reduced up to 28% subcutaneous adipose thickness after 12-weeks.

Before & After Celluscience
59 yr old female, reduced up to 6.7% thigh circumference after 12 weeks.
Before & After Celluscience
Improved micro-circulation up to 45% after 12 weeks.



Take one convenient, easy-to-swallow gel-cap three times a day (two in the morning, one in the evening) preferably on an empty stomach. Cellulite is a condition that if not treated will progress and become irreversible at later stages; therefore, it is suggested to adhere to this regimen for a minimum of 90 days for best results.

Beaute’ Intensive regimen should be repeated at least twice a year with a maintenance program of 3 months (90 days) in between. Maintenance regimen: Take one capsule daily for 90 days in between Beaute’ Intensive regimens.